Brio Bakery

Flour. Water. Salt.


Done Differently

Everything is made by hand, the traditional way, using just three ingredients: flour, water, and salt.

Obsessed by baking

For over a decade, we’ve been driven by our obsession with baking truly great bread. In 2015, our founder Todd turned his dream into a reality and launched Brio Bakery. Todd honed his craft and developed his own levain at the San Francisco Baking Institute in 2013, which has become an essential ingredient in our signature bread and pastries. Starting out at farmers’ markets, Brio quickly gained a loyal following and in 2019, we moved into our current bricks and mortar location in Oliver. Today, our team continues to craft bread and pastries with the same dedication and the same levain.

Old World Traditions

Brio Bakery specializes in bread the way it’s been made for thousands of years. Using a levain (wild yeast) and only three ingredients — water, flour and salt — our team creates handmade, artisanal bread with a taste and texture that is special, and that your family will love.

Our Weekly Menu - June 19 - 22

We have a daily rotating offer of breads and viennoiserie.
You can order here until 3 pm the day before and pick up at our store.

Or, come see us at our store Wed-Sat from 9am – 3pm.

Our Bread

Explore the world of our handmade bread and our unique levain.

Our Viennoiserie

Indulge in the delicious world of our viennoiserie, from croissants to pain au chocolat.

Our Bakery

Find out more about our community-oriented bakery, our partnerships, and what sets us apart.

Our Cafe

Experience our welcoming cafe and learn about our carefully sourced coffee beans and drink options.

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