Our Bakery

Learn everything there is to know about our roots and values.

About the Bakery

At Brio Bakery, we are proud of our heritage and continue to bake artisanal bread and viennoiserie with the same passion and care that drove our founder’s obsession to to feed his family and neighbours the best possible bread.

We continue to make bread in an old-world, European style using a natural “levain” or starter that Todd brought back from San Francisco in 2013 after attending the world-renowned San Francisco Baking Institute for artisanal bread and pastry making.


Our Community

From our humble beginnings baking bread for neighbours to selling bread and viennoiserie at local farmers’ markets, we have built relationships with loyal customers who return week after week for our all-natural artisanal bread and viennoiserie.

Today, we are proud to be part of the Oliver Community, adding to a vibrant, diverse culture. We also appreciate our Brio community who come from near and far to support us.


Our Partners

We are proud to supply bread to some of Edmonton’s best restaurants 

and encourage you to support our partners.

Our Bread

Explore the story behind our handmade bread and the unique levain we use in our recipes.

Our Viennoiserie

Indulge in the delicious world of our viennoiserie, from croissants to pain au chocolat.

Our Cafe

Savor the warm ambiance of our friendly cafe and get to know our coffee partner.